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About Teland and the passion for the Icelandic horse

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Steffi and Rune Svendsen with Kandis fra Teland

About Teland and the passion for the Icelandic horse

It was a different and way more authentic Teland that greeted us when we visited Rune and Steffi Svendsen at their home in the northern region of the country. But that’s exactly what we came here for. Because we know that the passion for the icelandic horse is greatest where it can run freely. Where the passion flows.

We’re driving 120 km/hour on the freeway. It is a special occation that brought us here, on E45 northbound. The course is set to 9881 Bindslev. And we’ve traveled about 100 kilometers before we realize where we are going. Whom we’re paying a visit. “Yes! I can’t believe it!” This is the exact statement that came from Ingunn when Steffi said “Sure” when we asked them if we could pay Teland a visit. A visit we’ve been looking forward to for a very long time. Now, the wait is over because this afternoon we’ll arrive at Teland to get an excluse look behind the curtains.

E45 turns into E39, and E39 turns into Tverstedvej. “Skagen 29 kilometers”, it says on a road sign and we start to ask ourselves: “Can we get further up north?” before the GPS tells us that we’ve arrived. Finally. We look outside the windows of the car with excitement while we drive down a small road and – right there and then – we see them. Horses! Icelandic horses! And many of them! If there’s anything I’ve learned – in my time together with Ingunn – it is the fact that people with horses look for horses – and it doens’t matter if it’s while in a car, in the stable or at a competition. That’s just how it is. In fact, we’re so busy looking at horses that we don’t realize the small road had come to an end and we almost hit a pole because we missed a turn. Woops. Reverse and back up again. We turn around and enter a parking lot where a big Dodge RAM is parked with the letters “Teland” written on its side. Yep. We’ve arrived. This is Rune and Steffi’s car.

“Look, Elias, THAT’s a car you can pull trailers and horses with”, Ingunn says. Horse owners and SUVs, am I right?

Take a deep breath, step outside of the car and get the camera. “Now, we’re on”. We’re greeted by a small dog and it’s almost as if it is telling us “Come, let me show you the way”. We enter a small courtyard, covered with beautiful stones, and see that it teems with life from dogs, duchs and geese, which – strangely enough – seems to live side by side in harmony with each other. Ingunn knocks on the door to the farmhouse and out comes the family’s grand danois, Berta. I’ll tell you this, Berta is a BIG dog, and she almost topples us over. But the whole thing is also a bit funny, because Berta is taking Rune, who opens the door, with us in the fall. Oh well, that took care of the introductions – thanks, Berta!

While we get back on our feet and talk with Rune, the sun starts to peek through the clouds. Spring is here. The busy – and enjoyable – breeding season is almost here. A sign for Rune and Steffi to prepare themselves and get ready for what is coming soon. And therefore, we quickly get down to business. More to the point, Teland’s stallions. Steffi shows us the way, back through the courtyard, past the parking lot and across the small road to a big stable. Ingunn and I have looked forward to this moment in a long time. I’m certain that’s something only people with horses understands. You know, the feeling that you get in excitement to get back out to the horses?

In the entry way to the stable something catches our attention. Pictures of famous horses hanging on the wall. Teland’s Wall of Fame, if you would like. “Oh, right, I remember him! And I heard about this guy before”, Ingunn says while we walk through the narrow hallway. The sound of horses chewing on hay gets louder and louder, and suddenly we enter a building where Teland’s stallions are placed in stables, enjoying their lunch. Perfect. Then it’ll be nice and quite to walk around and say hi to the different stallions – even though we might disturb them in the middle of lunchtime.

I mean, we brought camera so we might as well ask if we can see Rune and Steffi in action while we’re here? “Come with me”, Rune says, while Steffi turns around and walks away – for a short while. From the stables, we walk towards Teland’s training area and exit behind the building where a small SUV is parked (with three seats). YES! Rune starts the vehicle and we buckle up. It’s cold outside and we’re freezing, but that doesn’t matter because our focus is directed at something else. We pull out on a small road and suddenly Steffi shoots out behind some trees on Midas fra Jelshøjen in gallop, and Rune floors the pedal to keep up. Although we try to sit tight in our seats, we spent more time mid air. Back and forth. Up and down. Like ice-cubes in a shaker. And we love it!

Steffi Svendsen rider på Midas fra Jelshøjen

The secret of horse breeding

Back in the stables, Ingunn and I see an opportunity to play the famous power-couple up against each other and ask them separately what the secret of horse breeding really is. Rune says: “The mare. We have many good stallions in Denmark so there’s plenty to choose between. Therefore, it is important to think of the mare that you want to make a match for”.

Steffi gets around the question with a few more words:“When I match stallions and mares I look for and favor “softness”. If either horse show agility in rideability, and if the mare I choose really compliment the stallion. And to me, the best stallions are the ones that are calm.To demonstrate, Steffi throws the bridle over the mane of Midas who stands completely still.

According to Teland, the common denominator for good results in horse breeding is to consider the mare as well in the match you make with any stallion. Is that the secret to good horse breeding? Maybe. The fact that Rune and Steffi shares the same opinion on horse breeding doesn’t surprise me. They know each other well, and with more than 20 years of experience, we are wise to listen when Rune and Steffi share their knowledge. So that is what we do.

Thank you Teland

This is about Teland. This blog post is dedicated to Rune and Steffi because they’ve shown that they believe in us and in Studly, and because they welcomed us into their home in North Jutland. Truly an experience out of the ordinary. Because to understand how Rune and Steffi operate, you have to get up close and see it with your own eyes.

We’re happy to announce our collaboration with Teland in 2020 and welcome their stallions to Studly.

Would you like to know more about Teland?

You can find more information on Teland’s website here.

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