A modern stud book for your association

We want to collaborate with breeding associations in Denmark. Studly is a place for mare owners that are looking for stallions, and an assistant tool for stallion owners. A modern stud book, if you will.

About Studly

Let’s encourage better breeding. Together.

An epicenter for stallions

Studly is an epicenter for stallions that are approved for breeding, and we make it easy for the mare owners to find the stallions of their dreams.

Enhanced focus on the horse

Studly is a clever tool that allow users to find and see stallion results, pedigree and much more.

Assisting the inexperienced breeder

Studly encourage inexperienced breeders to take qualified decisions when they match a stallion with a mare through our search engine.

Respecting rules

At Studly, our most prestigious goal is to follow the rules and the guidelines of each breeding association.

Become part of the Studly-family

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How Studly works for stallion owners.



Stallion owners can register their stallions on Studly after they've filled out the stallions covering conditions.

Quality assurance

At Studly, we do quality assurance of the stallion before being uploaded to see if it's approved for breeding.

Online ordering of coverings

Stallions that are approved for breeding is uploaded to Studly. And - voilá - now it's ready to be booked by mare owners.

How Studly works for mare owners.


Find and compare stallions

Mare owners can find and compare available stallions on Studly, see their results, conditions, pedigree and much more.

Book and pay

When the mare owner have found the right stallion for their mare, then they can book it directly and pay online through Studly.

Keep updated 24/7

After a booking, Studly will send reminders of e.g. visits from veterinarians or missing payment etc.

See, what Studly can do for you.

Frequently asked questions

Does Studly have expectations to the stallions that are registered on Studly?

Studly follows the rules and the guidelines of each breeding association. That being said, all stallions must be approved for breeding before being uploaded to Studly. And Studly does quality assurance to see if the stallion is in fact approved for breeding, and we also take precautions to avoid misleading information and always follow up on the stallion’s results, pedigree and more. Our employees do ongoing quality assurance of all stallions that are registered on Studly.

What is the price of a membership for my association?

We would like to stress out that we do NOT require payment from breeding associations that we collaborate with, nor do we burden them with additional administration or paperwork. On the contrary. At Studly, we would like to safeguard the unique traits of each horse breed through digital means that encourage horse owners to take qualified decisions when they match stallions with mares.

Our business depends on developing and delivering a good tool to the consumers, and we would love to bring horse owners this tool in collaboration with breeding associations. We completely understand that many breeding associations are a political organization, and therefore can’t be associated with private companies.

How is the stallion's data used on Studly?

When a stallion is created on Studly, we always ask the stallion owner to fill out covering conditions for their stallion. Then our search engine and system will categorize said stallion based on its unique traits and achievements so that they’re search-able for mare owners. Insights reveal that it’s very subjective what the breeder is looking for, hence our approach to categorizing each stallion. And therefore, we update Studly all the time and add more parameters for our search engine.

Our goal is to make Studly more intuitive and connect it to existing databases, so that the stallion’s data is more accessible.

What is Studly's business model?

Studly is an online marketplace for horse owners. We’re the link between demand and supply, which means that we take a small fee every time there is a transaction through the Studly platform. In general, Studly will take 10% commission fee per transaction. That means if the price of a covering is 10.000 kr., then Studly will take 1.000 kr. in service fee. To specify, stallion owners that doesn’t get any bookings also doesn’t pay anything to freely expose their stallions on Studly. It’s only when a transaction happens that we’ll take a fee.

What would a collaboration between Studly and my association look like?

A collaboration is what you make out of it. We have good experience with sparring in relation to understanding a matter or if the development of new solutions require deep understanding and insight into the industry.

Here’s a list of suggestions how a collaboration could look like:

  • Sparring between the two parties.
  • Endorsement or link-building to both parties.
  • Development of new and clever solution that empower the breeders and the horse breed.
  • A modern stud book for your association where breeders can access, see and order available and breeding-approved stallions for their mare.
  • Strategic collaboration. Nationally and internationally.
  • Promotion and user engagement at different events.
  • And much more…