Collaboration with Clearhaus

Collaboration with Clearhaus

Off to a good start: Studly and Clearhaus in a new collaboration

From this day, Clearhaus will deliver the payment solution that Studly uses to handle all transactions on the platform between stallion owners and mare owners. This means that online payment, between horse owners, will be easier and more secure than ever on Studly – and we’re very excited about bringing you these news!

Transparency and trust is important for the experience with Studly, and the collaboration with Clearhaus fits in well with our ambitions regarding bringing a secure payment to horse owners that is easy to use. In addition, Clearhaus is an authorized payment institution, as well as an innovative company that live up to all our expectations.

What does this mean for users of Studly?

When mare owners book a stallion on Studly, their payment is safely transfered to one of Clearhaus’ deposit accounts to ensure that everything is in order before releasing the money to any party. All payments are collected via a payment-link that is forwarded to the mare owner’s e-mail when they place their booking. Additionally, Clearhaus provides a dashboard for authorized employees that grants an overview of all current and future payments taking place.

One of the biggest advantages with the Clearhaus-solution is that the risk of fraud is reduced via 3-D Secure (an extra security-step) that confirms and validates the identity of paying customers. Likewise, the solution prevents bad payers due to the fact that payment happens automatically and upfront when a booking is placed. See, that’s smart!

Here’s our takeaway-list of important things that Clearhaus brings to Studly:

  • Reduced financial risk and potential fraud
  • Accepts payment in international currencies
  • Allows bookings from other EU-countries
  • Accepts payment via MobilePay
  • Payment happens upfront and automatically
  • All transactions and payments are safely stored in an escrow account

What is Clearhaus, and how does it work?

Clearhaus is a Danish and award-winning company, founded in 2011. Clearhaus develops and provides payment solutions for clients and webshops throughout Europe, and their ambition is to make online and mobile payments simple. Clearhaus are experts in transaction-management and makes online payment easier, faster and more secure.

Every day Clearhaus facilitates more that 10.000+ transactions throughout multiple countries – from small startup-companies, to well-established organizations. Not only have Clearhaus established themselves as a trustworthy partner, but they are also an official entity, according to Finanstilsynet, with a pan-European license, as well as Visa and Mastercard Principal-membership.

Would you like to learn more about Clearhaus and their payment solutions?

You can find more information on Clearhaus’ website, and you can also read more about how Studly uses Clearhaus’ payment solution in our trust, safety and payment section.

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