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Historically, the horse has always been of a great importance in the Danish society, and nowadays Danish horse breeders have made it into the spotlight with capital-strong horse nations from abroad.

As you know, Denmark is a very proud horse nation, being the country in the EU with the highest number of horses in relation to its population. That being said, it is not only in Denmark that equestrian sport is considered a popular and exclusive sport. Therefore, Danish horse breeders are potentially missing out on millions, when they don’t consider about selling to other capital-strong nations. And even though the number of breedings and registered foals has lowered since 2008, Danish horse breeders simply cannot keep up with the growing demand from abroad for good dressage horses.

“If you get the recipe for good breeding, then there are large sums to behold from foreign customers.”

Is there a future as a horse breeder?

This means that there will be a need of horses in the future, which is why you are wise to invest in good dressage horses, because you as a breeder have better odds of getting a really good price for horses than ever before. Therefore, it is the horse breeder who take the chance that, in the near future, will be golden for benefiting from a growing demand worldwide. However, I would like to point out that as a breeder, one must remember to breed with purpose, as described in Studly’s 7 tips for horse breeders. Finding the right combination of mare and stallion is a difficult job, which is why you have to remember to be critical and only breed on the best of best. There is always a great risk associated with horse breeding due to the long road from birth, to training and to final sale. On the other hand, horses that perform well and gets noticed is also the horses that obtain attractive prices.

And if you acquire the “recipe” for good breeding, then there is the potential for large sums from foreign customers, who often not only settle for buying the horse, but also additional services as well. It can create a positive effect for following businesses, when customers also choose to buy training, riding and equipment at the same supplier or stable. The customers who buy the whole package can also act as catalysts for the increased interest in equestrian sports, as they affect their networks, friends and family. That’s both positive for the sport, but also for the horse breeders out there.

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