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Are you a Mare Owner? Then perhaps you’ve had difficulty finding available stallions for your mare. Studly gives you full access to available stallions, their location, prices, terms and conditions, and much more.

A walk in the park. As it should be.

Which stallion should I use? Where is the stallion located this year? And who is the Stallion Owner? Those are typical questions we provide answers to. However, we need your help. The more Mare Owners that are onboard from the beginning, the bigger the chance is that Studly will remain a good and relevant tool.


You can explore a universe of beautiful stallions on Studly. No matter if you’re just curious or if you contemplate about in-foaling your mare this season.

Find your dream stallion

We believe that all breedings should be a fun and exciting experience. Thus, we work 24/7 to find available stallions, so that you can enjoy them.

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True, it has always been possible to get foals from stallions. But online booking? That’s an initiative that takes the industry to a whole new level.

Do you have questions?

What does it cost to book a stallion for my mare?

You’re welcome to browse through all our registered stallions. If you place a booking, Studly will charge you a handling fee of 70 €. Read more in our Terms and Conditions.

Can I cancel/change my booking?

You can change or cancel your booking up to 48 hours after it has been placed, or until the Stallion Owner has confirmed it. Read more in our Terms and Conditions.

Is my mare covered by insurance if an accident happens?

We’re terribly sorry, but Studly does not offer insurances for mares. But we’re working on ensuring you and your mare a good experience, and we’re looking to include relevant insurances when you book a stallion through Studly. Read more in our Terms and Conditions.

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