How to afford your dream horse

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How to afford your dream horse

How to afford your dream horse

All of us have a dream horse that is perfect in our way. Maybe you even dreamed about one and thought you cannot afford it. Let us talk about how to make it more achievable to have or ride a horse that you want. I would like to start with a short story from my side and how my idea of a dream horse developed within years.

Me and my first horse

My first horse in my life was purchased when I was around 14 years old. It was simple foal with unknown pedigree and not even considered confirmation. His parents were from different breeds and I was not sure about his health situation. And you know what, he was my dream horse at that time. His name is Bingo and he always will have a special place in my heart. I trained him in jumping and we managed to jump around one-meter high jumps. At that time, it was more than I could ask for. I guess many of us can relate to this story and each of us has a dream horse according to our standards.

With time, I meet new people, I learned new things, read more books, articles and my knowledge was expanding. My preferences regarding a dream horse changed, too. At different life stages, we have different needs, and that is the most important factor that should tell us what our dream horse is. So, before we start talking about possibilities of how we can afford a dream horse, lets us create our dream horse picture.

A dream horse for you

Ask yourself, what is my dream horse? Is it a horse that can be used for competitions, dressage, jumping, racing or do you need it for a ride in the forest? Should it be tall or small, big or tiny? Do you have any preferences for the breed or even the studbook? Do you want an old horse or a young one? Maybe even a foal, so you can raise it yourself. How important is the horse confirmation to you? Maybe you want a horse for breeding, maybe for local competitions or maybe you want to go to the Olympics with this horse? Ask yourself and be honest. There is no one else who can answer those questions better than you. Be critical and realistic what do you need at this moment, and what can help you to develop in the future. Maybe you need your dream horse for the current moment, that can lead you to your future dream horse. And when you are ready, move on to the next part, how to afford one.

Three main possibilities how to achieve your dream horse

The process of finding the best match for you can be exciting and challenging at the same time. The better you’re prepared for this process, the easier it will be. I will describe three main options that can help you to achieve your desired horse and, in the end, you need to decide which one of them is the best match for you.

Possible cost reduction by owning a horse

The first option is owning a horse and buying when one is already a foal, a young or a mature horse. I will list a few points what you should consider before you purchase a horse. It can help you to see more possibilities and higher chances of achieving your dream horse. Maybe you have not seen this before or even considered different scenarios.

Determine your budget

This step would be to calculate the possible monthly costs for owning a horse. There are many different options regarding the ways how and where you can have a horse. It is up to you regarding your budget and time what can work best. The basic costs that you need to consider the following:

  • The horse itself
  • Riding equipment
  • Feed and supplements
  • Stud fee
  • Vet and dental expenses
  • Farrier expenses
  • Lessons and Training fees
  • Show fees
  • Hauling fees
  • Insurance

Some of the mentioned expenses can be reduced if you want to do things on your own. As well as developing a good relationship with a vet or trainer, in the long run, can help you to reduce the costs. Or maybe some extra help from your side and lead to win-win collaboration for two parties. Let us investigate more detailed a few options regarding where to keep your horse.

How to afford your dream horse

Consider options keeping horse yourself or renting a stud

There are three main options considering where and how to keep your horse. Depending on your own available time and resources you can choose one of the following. One of them is to keep a horse in a stud where everything is done for you. However, it would cost money. The other two follows.

Keeping your horse at your place

It might be possible for you to consider keeping a horse in your place. It can reduce the costs for the stud fee. However, you will need to have space and stable yourself. As well as a pasture where the horse can go out. Besides that, you will have to put a lot of working hours for taking care of the stable. You will be responsible for making sure that hay and food supply is always there, you will need to clean and find where to dispose of the horse faeces, pay the water and electricity bills. This option can save you a lot of money, however, you need to have the facility and time.

Renting facilities

The second option can be renting a stable for a lower fee where the facility owners just provide the place for you, but you must do the work yourself. This option can be a good solution if you don’t have facilities yourself, but you have some extra time for cleaning the stable. This will allow saving some money and not being responsible for all the management procedures.  It can be possible that you have a scheduled plan where different horse owners help each other to manage the daily work.

Young or mature horse

The following step that can help you to get closer to your dream horse is training a young one yourself. The more mature and experienced horse is the higher price will be. That is why it can be possible to buy a foal or a young horse before one has been trained. This would require your experience or help from outside to train your horse. You need to keep in mind that this will might require an extra cost in the long run. If you buy a foal it will take 2-3 years before you can ride it. For a younger horse, you will need some experience on how to train them and be patient before you will achieve results. In each situation, different horses might react differently.

The mature and experienced horse might be expensive in the short term, but it can give you the riding joy from the beginning. That is why you need to answer yourself what do you want, how much time and money you can give to your selected option in a short and in the long run.

Sharing a horse

The alternative option if you cannot have your horse is to share a horse. It can be possible to find a person who already has one or few horses but does not have time to ride them daily. Depending on the situation you might pay just some part of the expenses for keeping a horse and you will be able to ride one few times a week. Of course, based on your dream horse description you need to approach the right people who might have it.

This option can also save you some money if you have a horse and find a person that would like to ride and take care of it a few times a week and cover the part of costs. There are many ways how to go around and get closer to your dream horse. The most important point is to be realistic and clear, what is the dream horse for you.

Breeding your own dream

Sometimes we cannot find the right horse for us in the market, or the price of one is too high. Also, you do not want to share the horse with others, and you are looking for your own. In this case, there is a third option, which can be way more fun and exciting. You can breed a horse of your dreams. You might think you will need a stud and to have a mare, but even if you do not have one, you can easily breed without it. Today, there are already stables that are offering to rent a mare for breeding. In this case, you can simply choose the best mare that is close to your dream option and find the best stallion match for her. This will allow you to select the best options for your dream horse.

With the third option, you will be in the process from the early stage. This will allow you to track the development of your horse and see how things are done. Also, you will have a horse that is made based on your preferences and decision from the start. Studly is already providing this service so feel free to contact them and get more information about it and how it works.

Breeding a horse is a new journey that brings many new feelings to all horse lovers. Even if you have done this for many years, each time when a foal is born you get an amazing feeling. Each foal comes with a surprise element because you are not sure which parents’ characteristics one has. But it makes it even more beautiful, exciting and joyful. This option is riskier since you are not 100% sure what the outcome will be. However, it is your choices and preferences in creating your dream horse from the start.

Find someone who can help you to choose the best horse for you

You should consult with the professionals, in any choice described above. After you will answer questions and get ready for your dream horse, it is time to find the best match for you. There are many options available out there. You can consider buying directly or using studbooks. There are online/live auctions where you can also find the best match for you. Consult with studbook on your preference. Many people are willing to help you and give advice since they are experts in this area.

If you would decide to breed a horse, many experts are willing to share their experience and knowledge. It is becoming more important to breed good quality and healthy horses. As well there are more possibilities to save you time and get the best outcome. Today if you can’t own a mare, it is not a problem. You always can rent one for a season and create your dream horse.

Studly will help you in the journey with Icelandic horses. In there you can find many amazing stallions that can be used for creating your dream horse.


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