Are you a Stallion Owner?

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the attention that it deserves.

As a Stallion Owner, you can register your stallion for Studly’s Stud Book. We’ll set up your stallion’s profile for the Mare Owners to look through. The only thing you have to do to get started is, to fill out the contact form on this page. Studly will inform you, when your stallion’s profile is created. And – voilá – you’re ready to receive your first booking.

With Studly, your stallion will be shown to visiting Mare Owners from all over Europe.

Take part in a network of passionate Stallion Owners, who collaborate on creating an epicenter of stallions. All in one place. This gives all stallions a better exposure, let alone increases additional sales value, because Mare Owners knows where to go, when they plan to in foal their mare.
Who knows? Maybe it's your stallion that people are looking for?

Increase your sales

Register your stallion and reach out to anticipating Mare Owners. Studly represents the sales of coverings and inseminations, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Attract new customers

On Studly’s Stud Book, your stallion will be shown to potential customers and Mare Owners, who might not know anything about your stallion – yet, that is.

No hassle, no problems.

At Studly, we specialize in matching stallions with mares, and we can proudly say that we work every hour of the day for our partners and their stallions.

Something on your mind?

What does it cost to register my stallion?

As a rule of thumb, it’s free to register your stallion on Studly. In return, we expect that Stallion Owners are available during the period that the stallion is registered on the Stud Book.

Does my stallion fit in on Studly?

We do quality checks before uploading any stallions on Studly. When you’ve filled out information about your stallion, Studly will run through your application to see if everything is in order. We will let you know when your stallion is online. And – voilá – your stallion is now ready to receive its first booking.

When do I receive payment for bookings placed on my stallion?

When a booking has taken place, Studly will charge the Mare Owner. Payout happens depending on if you accept or reject the booking.

How do I confirm a booking placed on my stallion?

When the Mare Owner places a booking on your stallion, you’ll be contacted by an employee from Studly to confirm said booking. Contact happens via phone or e-mail.

We’re looking forward to collaborate with you
and your stallion.

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