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Let's encourage good and versatile breedings. Together.

At Studly, we develop innovative solutions to empower horse breeders and enhance their focus on horse characteristics when matching stallions with mares.

Encourage sustainable breeding

On Studly, you will only find breeding-approved stallions, so that any service can be booked with a sustainable conscience.

Quality over Quantity

We always conduct quality checks on registered stallions before uploading them to Studly's Stud Book to avoid misleading information.

Support 24/7

All Stallion- and Mare Owners alike can get in touch with us - at any time - if you need help with a booking or if you otherwise have questions.

Booking a Stallion. Made Easy:


Start exploring

On our Stud Book, you can explore an entire universe of beautiful stallions. No matter if you're just curious, or if you contemplate about the next breeding season.

Find the Dream Stallion

We believe that all experiences with horse breedings should be perfect from start until end. The Stud Book on Studly is your guide to finding available stallions, and you can even pick a couple of favourites to choose from - it's entirely up to you.

Make an order

True, it has always been possible to get foals from stallions. But online booking of coverings and inseminations? That’s an initiative that takes the industry to a whole new level.

Selling Breeding Services. Made Simple:


(Inter)national exposure

At Studly, we work every wake hour to brand your stallion including activities, such as: international exposure beyond the borders of Denmark.

Avoid paperwork

Our most important task is to relief our partners and Stallion Owners with administrative work, so they can enjoy the view of a good breeding season.

Support 24/7

You can always get in touch with us if you need help with booking requests, registration of stallions or have questions.

Do you have some questions?

What does it cost to book a stallion for my mare?

You’re welcome to browse through all our registered stallions. If you place a booking, Studly will charge you a handling fee. Read more in our Terms and Conditions.

What does it cost to register my stallion?

As a rule of thumb, it’s free to register your stallion on Studly. In return, we expect that Stallion Owners are available during the period that the stallion is registered on the Stud Book.

When do I receive payment for bookings placed on my stallion?

When a booking has taken place, Studly will charge the Mare Owner. Payout happens depending on if you accept or reject the booking.

Can I cancel or change bookings?

Mare Owners can cancel or change their bookings up to 48 hours after it has been placed, or until you confirm their booking.