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Studly is a new portal for people with horses. Get an overview of available stallions that offer covering and order your dream foal here.

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What is Studly, and how does it work?

Stallions on Studly

Stallions that are approved for breeding, can be registered on Studly. That makes it easy for mare owners to find and order covering for their mare online.

Payment and security

We’ll assist you with secure payment, and as a mare owner, you can also purchase prospective foal insurance when you order on Studly.

Clear communication

Nothing is more important than your mare’s health. We expect much from the stallion owners that we’re collaborating with, and we promise you clear communication. Always.

A universe of stallions

A breeder is one who leaves the breed with more depth of quality than when he started.

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This is how you order a covering for your mare on Studly.

01. Find your dream stallion

You can discover many stallions on Studly if you’re contemplating about getting a foal or if you’re just curious. And remember: Be picky – like us!

02. Request a covering

On Studly you can find many beautiful stallions, and if you find just the one you want, then you can request a covering directly from the stallion’s profile and get a reply within 24 hours.

03. Pay the stallion owner

When the stallion owner has seen and accepted your request, then Studly will send you a payment-link to your email. Remember, you’re booking is only confirmed when we’ve registered your payment.

Become part of the Studly-family

Create a user on Studly for free and get more exclusive offers just for you!

Frequently asked questions

How do I create an account on Studly?

If you don’t have any user on Studly, you can create one here. You can sign up via your e-mail. It’s completely free to create and register an account on Studly. When you create an account, make sure to fill out the information needed before you order a covering for your mare.

I can't find a specific stallion on Studly. What do I do?

Are you missing a specific stallion or do you know someone with a stallion that should be on Studly? You can tip us and we’ll then contact the stallion owner in order to register and create said stallion on Studly. Tip us here.

What is Studly's cancellation policy?

On Studly, the stallion owners specify the cancellation policy that you have to follow when ordering a covering for a mare. Terms and conditions vary accordingly to the stallion and the time till the covering will take place. You can find the terms and conditions that apply for each stallion on their respective profiles here on Studly. Read more here.

Do I have to pay if the stallion owner doesn't accept my request?

No – if your request is declined by the stallion owner, or if your request expires after 24 hours without any reply, then you will NOT be charged with any fee. Read more here.

When will I be charged for a booking?

Your payment details is collected and stored when you request a covering for your mare. If the stallion owner accepts your request then you will be charged a reservation fee and a covering fee through your preferred payment method and at that time.

Regardless, if the covering happens in two weeks or two months, Studly will withhold your payment before it’s released in full to the stallion owner. That’ll give you and the stallion owner time to make sure that everything is as it should be. Read more here.